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Accounting Services in San Antonio, TX

William D. Scott, CPA offers a number of accounting services for businesses and individuals in San Antonio.

Accounting Services

General Accounting

We offer general accounting services which will be customized for your needs. If you would like a professional to take a look at your business or personal finances or help you figure out an accounting discrepancy, William D. Scott, CPA would be honored to work with you. From ongoing services to a one time session, we'll make sure your finances are in order.

Monthly & Quarterly Compilation

William D. Scott, CPA offers monthly and quarterly compilation, which includes preparing financial statements, payroll tax reports, sales tax reports, and liquor tax reports for your business. This can be done altogether, or we can simply compile a summary once a month or every three months of all these reports we've done during other appointments to keep you up to date.


We also create several types of reports to help you manage your finances, prepare for tax return season, and keep track of where to spend and save your money based on the business' needs. This includes payroll tax reports so you can see precisely how much of your budget is going toward payroll tax. It also includes sales tax reports to see how much of your profits need to be set aside for sales tax, and how much was brought in for sales tax with each customer purchase. If you are a restaurant or other establishment with a liquor license, we create liquor tax reports so you can plan accordingly for the tax money needed.


William D. Scott, CPA can also serve as your payroll processors. We can calculate each employee's paycheck based on hours worked, hourly wage or biweekly salary, and what they will receive after taxes and other deductions. Payroll will be fully prepared to submit to the bank. We will assist you to ensure it gets deposited and distributed properly.

Individual Tax Returns

Accounting Services Having a professional prepare your individual tax return can ensure no errors are made and help prevent an audit. It can also maximize your return amount because William D. Scott, CPA will look for all deductions and tax breaks that you qualify for, some that you may not be aware of. The more financial assets and investments you have, the more complex a tax return can become. Let us take care of this for you and get you your tax return in a timely manner.

Corporate Tax Returns

We also complete corporate tax returns for businesses of all sizes. It can get quite complex between sales, expenses, sales and income tax, stocks, multiple locations, etc. Let William D. Scott, CPA take care of all the ins and outs of filing your corporate tax return to ensure everything is done correctly and you receive the biggest refund possible.

State Franchise Tax Reports

William D. Scott, CPA in San Antonio also processes Texas state franchise tax reports. Franchise taxes vary by state, and most reports are done annually. This tax is imposed for each business for the mere privilege of being incorporated or registered to operate in that state. The purpose of the report is to compile the business' income, assets, outstate corporate stock shares, and more. We will review these reports with you to ensure you understand them completely before submitting your state franchise taxes.

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